Future Travels

On the topic of travelling, it is rather quite inevitable that people tend to remember their year for what it was and what it brought, who they met and what they did. Then we begin to figure out how we want the new year to be, what we'll decide to speak over the year and bargain on what the future will unfold. I for one am not a participant of new year's resolutions as I believe you have every other day of the year to change or try new things. That being said, I still have my mini goals for the new year that I would love to accomplish since it is a brand new school year which will be a long road to my biggest future success. Within these next 4 years, I'll be studying and succeeding, whilst planning and saving for what I feel like now is the dream to live. Perhaps after a year of graduating, I'd save for a long trip with my only love and explore the ruins of an old abandoned city. Sure, we've talked about this. Absolutely no holding back on where we'd like to go and what we'd like to do. Finally, I've met someone who wants to visit all the places in the world that aren't exactly tourist attractions (my dad is one of them and after travelling with a know-all, I think I'll quickly appreciate isolated populations), where exploring is what we'd rather do than smiling in front of a famous land mark and rushing for the next tour. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to say that they're all the wrong things to do. There's a reason why all those places are tourist attractions; because they're beautiful and worth seeing. But although I was pretty young, I know well enough how much I appreciated those places but I've been there, done that. I can't wait to travel once more and get lost in places that I still don't know exist. Indulge on the food and fall in love with culture and people and be in wanderlust of all the places I could be. All with Peter of course. As we spoke about this, I did mention how exciting it would be to have our own travel journal -assuming it would be all put onto my blog. I'm not exactly inclined to write in a small journal, myself... but I couldn't help but browse through a couple and found some favourites I thought I'd share. And yes, most are made of kraft paper, but anyone who knows me, knows that I love to use kraft paper on anything!

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