No Time For Grinches And Scrooges

I do hope that everyone spent their Christmas Eve's and Christmas day's with their family and friends, celebrating the birth of the the Saviour. I'm still quite full from this week's dinners but never quite sick of the company of whom I was blessed to be with. Carols will probably always be one of my favourite things about christmas- that and decorating the house/christmas tree with baubles, lights and tinsel. I thought my presents this year were reasonably well-thought of for the ladies and the bros. Peter and I had trouble abstaining from the body scrubs we were making. Their chocolatey essence was purely seduction whilst scooping them into jars to wrap. The dreamcatchers were much smaller than I'm used to, but never the less still such fine cute little presents that Peter and I took some time to make also. Sadly I have no posts of a white christmas' and a massive turkey on the table, but we did go for a bit of a wandering "hike" for no apparent reason but 'because' and it was Christmas Eve. We weren't lost, but we weren't certain of quite a few places we drove by either. One day I'll have that white christmas but the weather in Melbourne those two days were absolutely perfect. 

Dress: Glassons
*photos taken by Peter

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