Polaroid Fun

I've been holding out on this post for a while but I'm sure you may or may not have noticed here or on Instagram that I've been carrying around a weighty polaroid with me from time to time. How inefficient does that sound in the modern world? Breaking all the rules of ergonomics, this land camera sparingly captures my favourite sights in all its impracticality. It was gifted to me for my birthday by Peter but not in it's original condition. Of course he made some minor adjustments which required him to solder a few bits and pieces but I've got to hand it to him. It works perfectly well after he managed to rig a few things to be fair with what I can still get my hands on today.  I was actually rather ecstatic to open my surprise. Way too excited to use it for the first few times. I absolutely love this camera. The polaroid has beautifully extended bellows and an impressively weighty body that basically overrules the evolution of cameras. I can take multiple exposures, and at times a few black and white shots too. My favourite thing about the camera is that it's like it has it's own random filter. You'll never know what hues are exaggerated or how well they'll turn out. It's instant and it's always exciting after every shot. I get just about overly excited waiting for the film to 'develop' before I can peel off the negative. It's fun and I don't think this can just be 'occasional'. I've tried bleaching my negatives and boy do they turn out interesting. I am yet to scan them onto a jpeg format and discover the colour plays. I've only scanned the positives and I'm sorry but these don't scan as true as the hard copies really are. But I've seen outstanding results of scanning the negatives and I can't wait to try it out when I figure out how. Below are some of my favourite shots and some were too dark so I had to lighten them up a little. But they will look completely different once the negatives can be scanned. 

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