Weekends Away

Ahh... It's summer and it's holidays for most if not some. Even though I had not been at school the entire year, I somehow did feel like a weekend out of Melbourne was a break I actually deserved and needed. After a rather silly and somehow eventful Christmas, I think a long drive and free accommodation was definitely worth what everyone bargained me for. My Tita has property up at Venus Bay which has now been vacant and we were able to have it for the weekend. There wasn't exactly much to the house but acres of land, bushes, trees, a fair view, mattresses and a kitchen table. But we managed to make the most out of the time that we spent there. Barbecues, long beach walks, scorching weather, finding pipis and endless innuendos along with them, cooking, playing board games, more beach, and sleeping is basically all we enjoyed and did. It was a wonderful weekend, being able to get away. Breathe in the fresh air, while the sea's salt whisked through our hair. Mind you, I was having such a terrible time with all the cameras we brought along. I forgot the SD card for my dad's camera, didn't load my polaroid correctly and wasted almost half of my cartridge, broke Peter's Konica and took absolutely no fancy pictures even just for Instagram, so here I leave you with an overly edited picture of Peter as he was testing my camera during one of my saddest moments of camera-parental-fail. The scenery was very country cross beach side. It was exactly that though. Where the house was, was all land and farms and wildlife reserves and just over the other side of the hill is an immaculate view of an endless sea with dark blue and green hues stretching for what seemed like miles to me. The waves roared and water was crystal clear. Our toes wriggled in the sand and our fingers managed to find pipis as we dug around. 

Before I forget to mention this anywhere, I have to make sure I have a record of this somewhere and here seems like a liable place to make it. It was the first and only time I will ever have too much to drink. I strongly suggest not drinking at all to anyone, but I think saying that is too late for anybody. It was a horrible feeling. I think it's silly how people drink to achieve that state of mind BUT that is another argument for another time at another place which is not here. Venus Bay, I do miss it already but I have aaaaaaall the time within the new year to come back and relax.

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