Like A Sweet Sweet Home

The thought of travelling around for a month or two in a camper-van has always been such a delightful thought. Besides second (third or even fourth) hand vans being second hand woes with deteriorating interior of countless flaws, I've been very fond and overly attached to some quirky make-overs I have seen published throughout the years. I've once had a customer ask me for advice in pastel curtains for the Volks that she and her husband were refurnishing to sell. She supplied me with an abundance of photographic evidence of their progress with the van and I was mightily impressed at the present outcome. Blogger, Sarah LoCascio shared her beautifully renovated campervan from her blog Attic Lace over at A Beautiful Mess and I've fallen in love with all I have seen to say the least, not to mention her comfortable and adorable little pooch. Everything is sweetly organised with each in their own perfect place. 

Images via A Beautiful Mess

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