Season 2 Premiere

Anniversaries are one of those very special occasions which I'm assuming everyone plans ahead for in order to have a lovely day planned and see itself timed perfectly. I felt like we were given a free 'cheesy pass' for the day so we had quite a few awkward moments directing different poses and trying not to cringe at all the cheesiness. The day before was another 40+ degree day and I was dreading that it would be our fate but the breeze was cool and the sun shone much too brightly in our eyes so we were blessed with graceful weather down at Pipemakers where we usually are. I'm pretty sure we were struggling to avoid mosquitos most of the time in-between compliments and repositioning. 
In advance, we booked a table for two at the Brooks of Melbourne and they have given us every reason to return as the service and the staff were wonderful, the place was warmly lit and the presentation of the food was outstanding, each dish was delicious and as for the portions, they were enough to suffice you for the rest of the night. I have no idea how I could describe the artistry of their dishes since the mixes were foreign for me and rather baffling but they complimented each other perfectly. I had been looking forward to their Forest Floor desert since peeping the menu weeks ago and it was adorably presented with a remarkable resemblance exactly that of a whimsical forest floor. It reminded me of when I used to pretend fairies would be sleeping in the mushrooms in our grass when I was younger. I highly recommend their restaurant to anyone who is looking for a place to wine and dine or try their lunch menu which I'm considering for next time. I do hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did and perhaps cringed a few times too. It sure was a wonderful day, start to finish.
What I'm wearing: Dress: Dangerfield//Cardigan: Cocolatte//Shoes: London Rebel//Bag: Dangerfield 
What Peter's wearing: Jacket: Topman// Shorts: Levis// Braces: Harris & Bing co// Shoes: Glue//Glasses: Oscar Wylee//Shirt: Target


Lizzie said...

so lovely! congrats Blue! x

Em said...

What camera did you use for the Peter & food photos? Or is it your usual dslr? The photos look to amazing *__*'