New Season's Happiness

Summer has come short of its season as the temperatures begin to drop in time for autumn -the season of vibrant earthy hues falling from the trees onto the streets and pathways as the cool air sends through me under the sheets. Lately I've been thinking of quite a few changes that I'd like to make for this year like one dramatic one which is to sort-of renovate my whole room and turn it from the yellow that it is to a more neutral white. I've also decided to avoid going stationary shopping for the first time because I mean, when does a girl ever turn stationary down when when the opportunity arises for the start of uni? But I just know and have learned that I just won't use them all. Along with this, on most days after or before work, I have actually been in and out of Lush just to smell their products over and over again. I'll admit that I am a sucker for colours and good marketing. I felt like buying half the store most of the time. I've tried a few body and face products in the store and I finally walked out with a bag of goodies. They don't have a big or great selection of bath bombs and bubble bars at the moment as they usually do BUT I must digress when I say that I walked away with a box full of a few of my favourite things. I was lucky enough to have the last Bunty box which the sales assistant was really happy to hear that it was actually for myself and not a present for someone else. I was definitely most excited about trying the Creamy Candy bubble bar because I love sweets and creamy smells as apposed to florals and musky scents and this was exactly what it's called. And so I finally had a bath. As soon as I crumbled a bit of this under the running water, I promise it was like an explosion of candies in the bathroom. The more you crumble, the more bubbles you get, and that my friends... instantly sells me. I can still smell it right now. I am in love with this because when I got out of the bath, my skin was thanking me for it. I also dropped the Think Pink ball ballistic in as well and it was just really exciting to watch. While it fizzed up, it was literally shooting pink and red heart confetti's which sank to the bottom or floated around. It was beautiful and I still can't believe how excited I was to try it. 

I don't actually often take baths. In fact, I wasn't a fan. My bathtub is a little too small, I don't like the bumps where my feet rest and every time I drain the water, it makes loud suction noises that scares me to death. But I did quite enjoy my one tonight and I feel nice and relaxed and warm too. I've never scheduled pamper nights, although tonight wasn't exactly that. But I might just re-reconsider the whole bathing experience because I highly doubt I won't be walking into Lush the next time I walk past it. Plus, I liked being able to watch an episode of The Originals and see Nicklaus on my screen once again while I was warm and happy.

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RoseyLittleMe said...

Sounds so relaxing!!