Haven't been on for a while

Due to important people and important schoolwork I havent entered a blog in a while so I am truely sorry. Anyways I havent done much, I just had a mega fail of a SAC for pyschology and I don't even want to see my mark for it. I know I'll pass but oh my gosh I'd probs still get the worst grade...or not. The weather is starting to get cold now and I absolutely love winter as "fashion never sweats". Summer was the worst, got that stupid pigmy condition on my face and my skin went as black as Roly for aaaages! I did get upset yesterday though, I had done my hair on the way to school and on the way back home before VET, God decided it would have been fun to soak me with rain...I wanted to cry. But yeah winter ftw.

Last night I was thinking about nursery rhymes and oh my goodness, I seriously didn't know my alphabet. Well I did, I meant that I didn't know the tune for it but then I remembered that it sounded the same as twinkle twinkle so it's all good. Have you heard of that nursery rhyme, hey diddle diddle? I sang that too and I remember always believing that the dish and the spoon were lovers. Every picture I've seen they're always so close and...I don't know.

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Inkarri Flores said...

I'd like to put forward an arguement that the dish and the spoon are homosexuals