Daddy pays my bills

Dad's been using my Paypal account waaay too often so he's promised to give me a lot of money next time he gets paid...and I'm spending that money and some money I saved from my birthday to be able to purchase one of these babies. I'm not going to name this camera but i swear it is the shizz right now. I've been obessing over it and now I have come to the conclusion that I WILL buy it for myself...along with some sick gadgets that fit it. Screw poloroid and love the vintage. When you can, visit lomography.com. Getting it off Ebay.
Here's some example pictures that this baby can take:

I know the pics are small...and they've only been taken recently coz I've been trying to keep up to date with it :D


emily joy said...

is that a holda or lomo? i was checking out those tooo.

emily joy said...


Blue Iris Rivera said...

lol it's a Diana f+ lomo. schmick and omgsh i have to wait tilll next wednesday when i come back from camp to buy it off ebay. there are other colours like black and chrome...but they dont come with kits...and this one does...so it's a win for me