This one time at band camp...

Hey! I came back yesterday from my school's so called "band camp" but really it's music camp, but it gives me the excuse to use the overly used phrase. It was awesome! I had been to last year's camp and it was good too because we made friendels with other schools, but this year was the best! Even though we said hi to people from other schools, we focused more in building relationships with our school's young musicians :). We bonded and became closer friends even with the younger ones like little Liam who's in yr 8 and Fergus who's in yr 9 and played drums for me. They were both so sweet. Also I got to know the yr 11's much more like Omar, Rachael, Alex and Kostas. T'was the best time we've spent together.
Let me just reminisce on some camp memories:
- Sneaking out the first night was awesome! hehe. Walked around the lake and over the brigde with the boys from CSC. Roche didn't come coz she was too tired. Kostas' "girl" made us stay and wait for her for an hour so she can sneak out and ended up not sneaking out in the first place. After that we went back to the boys cabin and I slept at Carlito's feet haha grose I know!
- A plus at camp was seeing my music teacher who isn't really a teacher, more like an instrumental teacher who DOES NOT teach me but more like helps the yr 12s with VCE MUSIC XD. It was so good to have him there coz 1. He's really, really good looking and 2. The band couldn't do anything right without him. ...But mainly coz he's good looking.
(this wasn't taken at camp and you can't really see him properly but yeah)

- Performed Misery Business, it was really good except maybe not to David's (the one who's not really my music teacher) standard but it was good without him. I'm already missing Fergus coz he was so cool.
- Laugh SOOOOOOOO much at Carolito's hand gestures of this really mean and annoying teacher from Maribyrnong College. She whispered when there was need for it at all.
- The fact that I was thinking of which character Alex reminded me of and at dinner I finally figured out who it was that he looked like. MELMAN! from Madagascar...you know, the girraffe.

(yes i know in this picture you can barely see his face but i swear they look alike...and the pics looks tiny so sorry)
- Playing Truth or Dare with Roche, Carlito and Alex on Emil's iTOUCH and the dare's were all so wrong.
There was so much more that happened that I really can't remember but I'm just really happy to be back home with my parents and pets. BTW the babies have opened their eyes. "Band Camp" was a highlight of the year for me.

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