Look Book's Winter Excuses

T'was the first time I'd ever been on Lookbook today and I was completely impressed by it. The girl's fashion, yes again, jealousy took over me but it was the men who stood out for me today. Maybe it was because some male models looked gay or what they were wearing was plain ass wierd, but really I loved it. Funnily enough, I wasnt even checking out the guys at all. Just checking out the hot outfits that look well-and-ready for winter :).

Just fab.

Katherine's 18th

Just arrived home from OC's lovely tea party. Lana is an amazing designer! The whole backyard looked just lovely for a tea party. The cakes and food looked sooo cute! But i hate cake so I dint really fancy eating any one them. So many candles everywhere and the bar was hilariously amazing! Kudos to Inkarri and McLean for their spontanious drinks. The night was just wonderful and many girls looked pretty. I made Katherine a pig for her present, shame I didnt take a picture. No, she does not remind me of a pig. I just had nothing to give her so I had to make her something that was pink.

My phone has no flash so it's got crap quality during the night but this is Kat's pretty cake.

Again, my phone has crap quality but this is her candelit garden fit for a midnight picnic.

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