Not so nameless anymore

I finally got some pictures of my little pups but i couldn't get them as a group because they are at the stage of exploration...they won't stop moving when I put them down! Two and two are of the same colour and I've learned to figure out their differences so I can distinguish who is who by their patterns :)
This is Thumbalina. Her colour is brownish-grey so she will look nothing like spotty and her pattern is not connected to her hood.

This is Daisy. The difference between her and her mother is the nipples because Tulip gave birth and now their all saggy LOL.

This is Tinkerbell. She has the same colour as Thumbalina except her pattern goes all the way down her spine with two dots on her back.

And this is chace. He has a rounder face than Daisy and his pattern is a bit more like a wierd upside-down triangle. Shame I have to give him away because he's a boy and it's $150 to neuter a rat :(.

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Inkarri Flores said...

They are soooo CUTE!!