A need for an introduction?

Hello chumchums!
I was actually meant to make a blog account before school started for the year just so I could get into the mood of writing/typing for VCE. And it would be better to type stuff down rather than wasting hours on dear old facebook when no one talks to me anyways. So I've only decided to make one now, shows how lazy I am :). Ok, so my ABOUT ME section tells you a tincy bit of me, so maybe this could be counted as a continuation. I'm also just trying to make my FIRST blog.
I may look like an extremely boring person, well that's maybe because you were looking at me when I was listening to another person talk or I was probably just zoned out of life. Well I've actually been experiencing the wierdest things in life that I'm always eager to tell someone and it's totes worth listening or in your case, it's worth reading. It's night time so i shall make this speedy. I enjoy going to youth and church which ironically enough is called Enjoy church. Most of my friends are from there. Also love my dear school friends who I believe to be total nongheads and are thee best at it. I don't work, although I'm kinda desperate. ATM I use my weekly allowance as money to save up with :(. Winter is my favourit weather as "fashion never sweats" and I just love layering up. Summer just doesn't cut it for me coz everyone wears the same thing on extrememly hot days; shorts and a singlet. Oppshops. I live with my parents and they are the most wierdest freaks that I love. I have pets who ahve all seemed to grow fat and cute....but yes I know that's bad. I get amused by the quirkiest things and right now The only people I can think up of to tell you that I really like is Zooey Dechanel and Hannah Beth.
So there's alot more, but ceebs having to tell you a whole life story :P
I'm gonna skitskatskidaddle now.

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Plop Plop said...

everyone wears the same things in winter too... jeans, and something warm!