Happy, happy Easter to one and all!

What an amamzing day! This is the day that the Lord has risen back from the damned dead. I love Christ's story, his passionate love for all of humanity. What he did to save us all from our dirty sins. I don't know if I'd ever die for someone. But he died for us. That horrible death, crucified so we could be set free from bondage. That sort of love has embraced every one of us and all I know is that there is no such love as this. So powerful, and almost unreal but it is! I just want to thank God for giving up his own son who suffered horribly on the cross for me and you. To save us from ourselves.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope that God has left you something in your heart that you may continue to nurture in the spirit and help it grow into something huge that was already planned for you even waaaay before you and I were born. Oh and I hope you got chocolate! Lots and lots of choclate eggs and bunnies! But make sure you don't eat too much. I know I've enjoyed half my share.

hehe :)

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