And It Was All Yellow...almost


Due to the horrid weather outside, I was forced to take pictures of my my new findings in my room with my boring yellow wall. Mother had attended a job interview and I deviously snuck out of our car for a while. She never knew I left. I found a St. Vinnies along a strip of shops nearby and I thought a visit would be polite. It was small and therefore less clothing options, but my hopes were high and I was expectant so as I rummaged through useless items and I was happy to have left with 5 items after my trip to the opp-shop.


Thrifted items: Scarf//Earings//Small Satchel//Gold Ring (Fake)
Cotton On//Cardigan:Thrifted//Stockings:Target


Blury pictures were my biggest fear when deciding to use the camera inside my room rather than the windy outdoors, and I am going to regret posting one of my pictures up. The satchel that I had found is a small size but it's completely roomy with little compartents on the side for money and maybe some cards? Though I don't really intend on using any area of the comparments, the space inside the bag is even better, not too big and not too small to fit my daily essentials. The twist lock is such an old invention, legendary of course. I find it hard to believe that my findings had bits of gold, I mean, I absolutely hate the colour for accessories but these did not seem to bother me, I quite fancied them actually. Of course I had to clean the earings before I wore them but I don;t trust my cleaning techniques so I took them off after the shoot. My favourite, which I could not wait to try on was the ring, it's unusual and yet it was very interesting and so I had to buy it.

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InkarriFlores said...

C'mon get it together with the focus! and you dont wear gold! even fake gold for that matter...