I'd Pick A Date With You

So it seems that I have once again delayed a post. I even promised to post more frequently once exams were over. I think I should quit making promises and just be happy with what I have to offer.

I have to admit that this girl next to me has got to be THE bestest friend ever! I love her company the most because there is nothing to be so negative about when she's around. I swear that if we were dying, it would probably be the cause of laughter. We never stop laughing. Everything is always so humorous, and if not, we somehow imagine it to be the most entertaining thing to us. I've had many close friends, I've also kept quite a few of them too, but nothing gets me going like a pinch in the arm from Sim. Even when we fight we smirk and hurt each other, taking turns and then cry and laugh once the pain starts to kick in.
I must admit that I'm a pretty influential friend to her because when I first met her, she was the worst! She would literally pretend to zip her lips together just so she wouldn't talk to me and she was the shyest girl ever. I was completely the opposite and now she's loud, annoying, and she isn't scared to do anything as long as we do it together. It's the best! Sometimes I can be a painful friend but I try not to influence her too much and let her soak up my own feelings because she's like my little bubby sister. Though I don't know what it's like to actually have one, I still think that she is the most amazing sister I could have and I'm so glad that God put her in my life so that we could bless each other by ...causing laughing fits. Haha!

Last week we had a picnic at CS by the lake, on the small patch of grass where we ate some delicious charcoal chicken. That was fun as we saw a few ducks quacking and disappearing into the water only to break through it's surface somewhere else, leaving us to think that they'd drowned trying to catch their food. That made us laugh too. There were few giggles when we started talking about a couple who had wagged school for the day and decided to be all cutesie and lovey dovey in the sun. Then there were many "aw"s when we saw a little girl waddling with her mum's huge handbag which was the size of her whole body.

Holidays are going to get better and we'll be able to spend more time together I hope despite of her distance from my house.

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