The Vintage Taste

Today I was looking at the store directory to the Chadstone shopping centre to look for shops that I may be interested in to have a look at formal dresses. Chadstone has many big brands in it and I doubtedly looked around, checking prices for their garmets and with absolutely no luck, I found nothing that was within my price range. You know $100 or so because that's all I could afford at the moment. I found some pretty facsinating dresses that were about $700 so um I don't think I'll be purchasing something that I'd probably only ever wear once in my life.

Well anyways, as I wandered through the sites I found one site which did not sell formal clothes but nevertheless, I automatically fell in love with their Spring/Summer Collection. I'm a sucker for edited photos, especially when there's a hint of the retro blur that surrounds the edges. But other than that, what appealed to me the most were the creative designs by Alanah Hill. Her designs are hitting up summer with inspiration originating from the Vintage 40's style with plenty of floral, lace and fanciful colours. I don't really agree with wearing too much pink but I admire the bold use of girly pinks, reds and yellow shades.

All images cropped via the Alanah Hill Collection

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Anonymous said...

those are really cute frocks!