Australian TV has decided to reintroduce the greatest classic shows on our GO! channel. The one that I have currently been watching the most is Bewitched, starring Elizabeth Montgomery. It's usually on every morning and on just when I get home from school. It's now probably up to Season Eight and I'm assuming it's the last one. I don't want to think about not having this show aired anymore because I just love how Montgomery portrays Samantha on the show. Watching it at least twice a day, I have seen her transformation since Season One and I must say that her hair is what changes the most. My mum shares the same love for this show and we watch it together when she gets home from work. She tells me that Elizabeth Montgomery was one of the world's most beautiful women in those days and heck I bet she was. She's absolutely gorgeous and her humour is just so comical.

What I love watching the most with my mum is looking at her wardrobe choice for the set in every Episode. She looks so darling and sweet. Not a very typical housemother as such were in those day, but then again I do believe that's the point as she's not exactly ordinary, hence herself being a witch.

I think this is when Ebay usually starts to appeal to me again so I can buy my mother and I box sets of each season. Every episode just excites us every time.

All movie stills are print screened via Youtube

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