Polka Dot Me

I, in fact had woken up this morning from a really short remembered dream of mine and all I can specifically remember is that I was wearing a nudeish coloured polkadotted, sleeveless blouse with a white skirt and I was walking with a couple of friends. But that's another story to tell. As I woke up, I got really excited because now I really want a pair of polkadotted somethings because I seemed to look quite ok with that blouse in my dream. I was quickly searching this morning on a few blogs and please excuse me for forgetting to grab their links. I'm terribly sorry but I have no idea why I forgot to do that but just so you all know, none of these images belong to me, some are from other bloggers whom I may not mention due to my forgetfulness.

1. Cropped polkadot blouse, 2. Turtleneck long-sleeved polkadot mini dress, 3. Polkadotted mini shorts by Sterling Style, 4. Sleeveless Polkadotted dress by Calivintage, 5. Big dotted mini dress, 6. Dotted shorts by Orchid Grey.

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