Take Me Away

The weather has been so generous to us Melbournians for the past couple of days and today I finally get to enjoy it myself. It's good to get a dose of Vitamin D everyday or you'll probably be less bothered, like myself, to do anything around the house. The days have finally started to warm up and Summer being just the corner, is looking very promising this year. But I could always be speaking quite to soon as I do live in Melbourne, therefore the weatherman indeed is always wrong. Our weather here is so unpredictable as it changes from sunny to dark, from hot to cold, and from windy to rainy all experienced in one day.

This Summer, Ink and I are off the the second hand shops to check out pricing of second hand bikes which he has already preferenced to purchase himself a BMX. Reason being, he wants to be "Supa Gangsta" like N.E.R.D were in their music video 'Rockstar'. It's a good start to getting fit and healthy. I've tried cycling at home and it's not that bad if your doing it by yourself and watching TV and so I've kind of grown accustomed to the continuous movement of my legs whether it be slow for a long time or extremely fast for a very short time. But for these second hand bikes, I'm already prepared.

Though I would seriously consider buying myself a proper custom made vintage bike like the one I posted up the top there which I customized online from Papillionaire Australia. Cost of course is always the problem for me but I'll stay true and hopefully own one of them babies myself. Also, there is one thing that I would like to try with one of my close friends is rollerskating. Well for me it would be good because after watching "Whip It", directed by Drew Barry Moore, I've had a little itch to try it out. After all, I love coming home from a conert all bruised and battered from my feet to my elbows sowhy not give Roller Derby a try. It looks like heaps of fun trying to knock girls out, but imagine me, I'm so tiny.

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