Carving Pumpkins Would Have Been Nice


The only good excuse I have to celebrate Halloween is because my birthdate seems to have fallen on such a frowned-upon occasion. But because I can still have the freedom to celebrate however I like, Mother agreed that a costume dress up party would have been a great idea. All thanks to Mother for the decore around the house, we didn't end up purchasing a pumpkin because it was much too expensive for something that would only be used as decoration for one night and then discarded and thrown in the compost. But she did an amzing job. But rebel of me to have a party a day before an exam. This is the second party I've had, one previous with my school and church friends. They made my night amazing and it was the best thing ever. But this next one was spent with my family and the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins who I'm really close to. I love how everyone had put effort into their costume, all the sewing and creative effort they had put into theirs was inspiring.

Dress:Valley Girl//Shoes:Rubi

If you haven't already guessed who I decided to dress up as, I felt being nothing like Blue and red seemed very appealing. Luckily at place I work, our material is really cheap and so I had made myself a caped hood out of scratch. I used crushed panne for it and at the moment I'm loving, panne, velvet and suede. The feel and appearance of the heavenly material has been so greatful to me. Then I added a ribbon to my cape to finish it off.

My aunty had a ball, having my dad capture all her silly shots doing crazy things and stealing bits and pieces of another person's costume. I don't have pictures for now but if I have time I'll see if I can post them up on my


2 more exams to go until I am free from any type of school activity, and I'm quite glad to announce that as soon as it turns 11:15am on Thursday, I would have officially finished Psychology and I will never have to touch on that ever again. Life is being great.
Look out for some new changes to The Little Quirks because I'll be having all the time on my hands to take outfit pictures and blog. Also, I will be annoucing quite soon what my ambitions for my holidays and for next year will be.

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