Spring To Summer

Summer's just around the corner and once again I feel the need to clean out my closet and replace all the old junk which will hopefully find new loving owners at our local opp-shop. I just want to fill my closet with lots of dresses this summer, a few pairs of denim shorts, floral shorts, hihg waisted shorts, socks and wedges. That's all I want. And a pair of new cute vintage sunnies with a brownish animal shade for the rims. Mmmm but I have to wait till my school formal is over and that I've saved up for NZ if I'm still going with Inkarri and his family. More shifts could help me seeing as though I get paid really well where I work but I only work once a week. I hope the new manager puts me on full time so $$$ can start flowing abundantly in my account. Then I'll be very happy to spend it on christmas presents, and lots of presents for myself too!

A Summer Day

A Summer Day by thelittlequirks featuring vintage sunglasses

let's get together rosy romper in blue, $30
White Heart Frill Ankle Socks, 3 GBP
Small College Town Wedge, $70
Mulberry / Leah Messenger, $895
The Annie Glasses-Tortoise, $40

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