It's been an extremely long weekend and to top it off, I'll be walking into the completely unknown this week as I will be at my Uni for a couple of days doing all that meet-and-greet stuff that first ear Uni students do I guess. Last Friday our church's own conference called The Summit had started and for the rest of the weekend there were a couple of guest Pastor's preaching at out church. It's just a really good feeling to know that I am a part of the growth and love of the church. This was probably the only time that all people from all our campuses were all squashed into our, now, massive auditorium to join the significant event.

Now Saturday was just too long but it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it. I had to wake up quite early in the morning to get to church on time for Kidmania. It was probably THE longest morning I've ever been in Kidmania. It's great to be working on the Kidmania team to help nurture and teach the kids that God loves them ever so much. But when the toddlers are forced to wake up much too early in the morning they get cranky and grumpy and really really bad tempered. You end up with wet pants, sore eyes, ripped tissues and big tanties and when there's 3 leaders and 20-something children to look after that usually only stay with you for an hour, let's just say that doesn't mix well. But after those 2 1/2 hours had passed, my best friend, Sim picked me up so we could go to Kitchen Workshop at Crown to celebrate her 18th birthday. happy birthday to her and I love her. But once that was over, I was destined to go back to The Summit to look after the kids again. this time it felt like t dragged because the children had realised that they were away from their parents for too long and so they ended up turning from angelic babies to wild beasts who scratch and pinch and bite and scream at you and other children. Luckily, home time meant sleep time which meant I could finally rest my legs from walking to a fro.

On Sunday it was Mac receiving day. As in, my parents were to buy me my first laptop because they finally felt that I was actually worth spending money on. Knowing this had probably made my day feel as long as ever but it was all worth it when i got home and my dad greeted me with a "We didn't end up getting it", but turned out he was only lying because he's a liar and all. Usually people take pictures in Photo Booth but Ink bet me to it reclaiming that he "travelled a long way to take this picture".

Today, I had orientation at JMC with my friend Jason who's currently living at our place for a while. It was an interesting day. Jay and I figured that most of the people in our class were metal-heads. There are 2 bassists in our class and only a couple of drummers and most are either vocalists or guitarists. A majority are female. Turns out that the studio where we do prac is the studio that the band Jet record at when they're not on tour. Cool right?

As for the rest of the week, tomorrow I have an audition so that my teacher's can figure out what band/group they'll put me in to work with for the rest of the year. I hope it's a great group with people who have versetile scheduals for the week, who are laid back, and I guess who are interesting and are cool to work with. Our first class together is on Friday and Jason and I might just have a ride there so it'll save us about $6.80 for the day. So that's pretty much my big week ahead. 

Counting Down, Day 5

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Counting Down, Day 4

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Counting Down, Day 3

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Romance Was Born

If you haven't noticed, I do have a countown that I decided to start yesterday and I thought that I'd give schedualed posts a try. It worked for this morning so it'll work until next month. Seeing as though I'm in fashion inspiration mode I had been "getting to know" our Australian designers. Researching them and looking out for past collections is quite amusing and just focusing on the individuality of glam and colour is really an eye opener. There's just endless opportunities to create something new, you've just got to figure how, but in your own unique way. There are quite a few designers who stood out to me the most and I guess I'll share each one with you a day until I have no more inspiration left. These pictures below are from the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival of 2010.
The rugged-chisel creations by Romance Was Born are defiantly what retro is all about. They have just added the extra glam by creating a grungy and edgy look with dark and bold colours with the shimmer of bling and sequins. The puffy hips or the puffy shoulders mostly finish the look.

Counting Down, Day 2

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Limedrop 2011 Collection

I've been inspired! Now that I'm counting down the days until THE Fashion Festival, Frankie magazine hasn't let me down once when it comes to indie fashion and I often see Limedrop slipping it's way into the deepest pages of Frankie. Here's what some of their Summer/Autumn Collection looks like. What I love the most is the mixture of cozy, casual, retro, classic and patterned pieces. The wild colours of other items are the best part about bringing out the best in vintage from the 70's. Many of their looks are mostly compatible with casual and eveningwear that needn't be too formal.

Gosh I feel like jerk for losing my link!

Counting Down, Day 1

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Happy Updates

I had been wondering what I could do to make my blog seem a lot more appealing so I came up with new sections to my blog to make it easier for myself to know exactly what to post everyday and so that readers can get a heads up on what to look forward to during the week. It's pretty exciting stuff for myself. Everything that I want, which can definantly contribute to my posts, has been falling into place lately. Blessings are just abundantly flowing now that Uni shall start in less than a week. I'm pretty much prepared for it and with The Little Quirks beside me, I'm ready to roll with what life has got to give me. Now everyday will be a new day with these sections to help both my readers and I.
Everyone knows that the week usually starts on a Sunday but because my life is absolutely far from normal, my week starts on a Monday. This is when I would probably write like crazy, filling you in on my hectic schedual for the week as Uni and other things take place. It'll be fun to be creative with my writing during Mondays and I'm really looking forward to being able to attract more readers and hopefully more followers.
This is probably my favourite title only because Tightarse Tuesday means cheap Tuesdays when there are discounts in shopping centres and such. But I won't be shopping at the shopping centre, just merely a casual visit to the opp-shop to see what I can find. My only aim is to make certain that I do not leave empty handed. Good challenge for myself don't you think?
On this day, I'm off from Uni and doing whatever it is that I want to do. Either that or the inevitable rituals of "studying" as we all know it to be. So on this day I may or may not post anything. This is my "Whatever" I wish to do day so I can't promise you too much. Also, this gives me a chance to post whatever I want (that is of course, if I'm feeling upt to it) like reviews or random suggestions and thoughts.
Tumblr Thursday is pretty much me updating what I have been posting, or my inpirations to post for the day and such. I might even consider just posting a few pictures that I had posted on my Tumblr. Makes things quite easy when I'm on the laptop. Oh and while we're at it, follow my Tumlr here.
This is my favorite day considering that the title itself is exactly what I'm asking for. This is me exploring the endless depths of the cyber universe to the industry of world fashion and show you what is inspiring me and the things that I've seen on websites and the things I want and planning to buy. All that sort of stuff.
YAY! If you have yet to guess what this day is all about, well my title pretty much sums it up! It is in fact the day that I can go shopping. Although I only restricted myself to one piece of clothing everytime I get paid, it's now become two pieces of clothing so Saturdays are going to be packed with excitement and a whole lot of fun. The only reason why I had picked Saturday is because I work just outside of a shopping centre and my shifts usually finish at 2pm which gives me a fair amount of time to go exploring.
Yeah, I know the that cozy doesn't really quite apply to the seemingly good trend of corresponding the first letters of each word but there's a reason to this. After a tiring and very fast week, I feel like relaxing and this is probably the only day when I feel like I'm not too pandantic about anything anymore. So stuff the fancy writing and palnned schedual for the week. This is me being me and telling you about my week. There are some surprises on Sunday's maybe even starting my giveaways this year...who knows.

So that's pretty much it and I hope your as much looking forward to it as I am.

LMFF Next Month!

Make sure you watch this for next month's Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Since my Best friend, Sim is having her 18th birthday very soon, I think she should finally do something worth being 18 and experience fashion at it's height now that she's becoming a woman. I can't wait and I hope she likes her present. We'll get to dress up to the Runway show at night and there will be soft beverages and small nibblets to munch on while we watch the show! It's going to be incredible and the greatest part of it is that we'll be watching it together from Premium seats!!! Yay!

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I'm In Here

A very touching and personal song written by Sia for her album called We Are Born.

It's very seldom to find such songs filled with deep emotion such as this. Her voice is completely unique and listening to this song could make me cry over and over again!

Edie Vintage

Here I am, searching online for cute vintage garmets that I would/could/might buy. Ebay was of my first preference so I searched "vintage mustard" as my keywords to finding something I was hoping of the colour, mustard. I happened to of stumbled upon this blouse but I wasn't sure of how often I might wear it so out of curiosity I decided to visit the Ebay store from which this item belonged to.
The name of the store is called Edie Vintage so click the link to follow through to her store. I fell in love with the items she was selling and the colours and brightness of her photos are sure quite attractive to me. I assume that she goes out thrifting for clothes that have potenial to slightly modify, then sell in her store. Her name is Laura and I really do insist you take a look and for updates of new items you can always add her on her Tumblr page here.

She's got a few good poses and no doubt she looks absolutely gorgeous in all of them. She's so talented and I love her uniqueness of finding the right things to opp-shop and sell. I'm definantly keeping an eye out for the perfect garmet so I can take pictures and hopefully create an outfit post for it, linking to her store once again.


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Sydney Plans wooh!

I'm so excited about this trip that I had planned for my Mother for Mother's day this year. This was actually a last minute sorta-thing and mum so excitedly went along with my plan. Now, we have changed the dates completely and instead of it being just my Mother and I, my Daddy is coming along with us too on Holy Week (Easter Weekend). My cousin had a girls weekend with her Mother and soon-to-be Sister in law and I thought that it would be a delightful idea to treat my mum seeing as though I work now and I'm pretty loaded. Tickets weren't that expensive, I paid $360 for return flights for my Daddy, Mother and myself and we'll be spending 3 nights at a Mercure hotel dead-set in the middle of the city. It only has one Queen-sized bed and so I've demanded my place on there as I paid for most of this short holiday and Mother paid for accomodation which was actually free because of some accomodation voucher she was given not too long ago. Once March arrives, I'll be purchasing a See Sydney Card for all us three which includes free transport and free entry to all tourist attractions there for 3 days. We'll definantly take into consideration of pulling off an Oprah Winfrey by gathering all that's left of our courage to walk up the Sydney Harbour bridge. There's heaps more to talk about but I don't have time at the moment.

I woke up the next day and poof! Epiphony! Bondi is in Sydney right? This means I get to go Bondi! Well, my intentions aren't exactly to go a crowded beach, a beach of which is famous for constant tragedies occuring on a daily basis. But in fact, I have been enthralled by the fact that Bondi is THE only place in Australia which sells Jeffrey Campbell's amazing Lita shoes. I have to show you which ones Im talking about, and for this, I am extremely excited.

To have a look at the rest of these awesome shoes click here


Quiet Days and Lonely Nights

At the moment I don't have any idea of what to write, no reason, no motivation, just finding the initiative to do so...

I haven't been feeling much too well recently and I haven't been bothered to find a cure for it either. I just let it stay and feed on me until I guess, I feel like getting better. What's even more strange is that the weather has set it's own emotions to my side and has been as gloomy as I am. I went for a walk yesterday whilst the clouds blurred itself with smokey, grey skies and I didn't seem to feel better. Posting pictures online hasn't been making me feel better either. Although it does make me feel a little bit more positive. This information is probably useless to you so don't so I advise you not to read it. The only probable highlight for me is youtubing Mr. Eisenberg and I happened to stumble upon a depressing movie that had included him. He had a good point I must admit. I don't remember exactly what it was something along the lines of, things will happen because God knows it will. There is no such thing as hope, there's only what God knows. That got to me the most but then I saw round to it and realized that there is hope, it is up to us to make things right because we don't know what will happen, only God has foreseen what lies beyond for us.

So anyways, I felt sick and I was given a gift on my doorstep. A beautiful Betta fish of a striking blue and red descent. It was either a piece offering or just another way to torture me. That made me feel so much worse and my hate-level had risen incredibly hight that the only way of disposing of it was to cry. The other day I had never screemed and yelled so much in my whole life. I lashed out and I feel so terrible. The shockm got to me and I felt everyting melting away again. The thought of it is making me feel even more sick and I don't think that I had even done that to my parents. I am a respectful daughter and I have been brought up to be proper, in my manners, attitude and values. To be reminded this, I thought nothing except I was left wondering how people can create such sides to themselves that is rather distasteful and unappealing to myself and to others, yet not caring in the world of how nayone else feels just as long as they feel the best first.