Being Alright

Ever had one of those days where you feel depressed and you just need to drink up and get your drunk on like crazy? Ha ha, well I haven't but if you did, your lame and a disappointed to yourself... in other words, shame on you. But actually, I have been having a terrible few weeks though since there have just been things I need to think about, people I need to talk to, things I need to keep to myself and everyday is beginning to feel like a whirlwind of emotions. There are things that I really want, but can never really have. Things I expect, but never occur. Things I want to say, but no one will listen. Things I've lost that I doubt I'll ever find again. Things that made me happy only make things worse. It's frustrating and to not have someone to tell the whole story to is so much more irritating because people are either too busy, too ignorant, too stupid, too forgetful or too scary to complain and whine to. But I get over things quickly. 

Don't bother asking me if i'm okay because I'm most likely going to lie to you. Sometimes holding a hand and praying is what I really want to do. Holding a hand ensures me that I'll be okay. Sometimes it does so much more than a hug or a kiss. I'm glad I have someone to hold my hand.

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Nadia said...

Lovely collection of photos.
Sorry that you're feeling down, hope that it gets better :)