Putting Things Aside

It's been a while hasn't it? I've only really been caught up with... life to be honest. Too much has been going on and there's hasn't been much time to just sit and write -well until today of course. It's such a lovely day outside, I was even meant to chill with my mother for a bit during her class break since we're city school buddies. But home as fast as possible was the best option today. First of all, I'm probably just going to talk about DnM's and such with friends and parents. So it's one of "those" posts where you sit, staring at the screen with disinterest. You can always check out my post after this one. I'm sure you'll enjoy that more.

So anyways, a friend of mine surprised my last week and I just hate to spoil it for anyone right now but to cut things short, 3 of us girls from church went off to catch up and I had completely forgotten how much I just missed their company. We sat down at Max Brenner and it was great. After going home, me and one of the girls stayed at Maccas, just talking and talking. It was so good to catch up after years of saying so and not actually doing it. DnM's go all the way when you both talk about parents, friends, life and the past. I felt so good because it didn't feel like a one-way convo. I guess it was just because we had so much to say and talk about since the last time we stayed up all night to talk about... well, nothing at all. It was a two-way DnM where she told me secrets and I told her mine. She had her perception on life, as did I. There was advice shared, from her to me and vice versa. It was just great. We both talk a fair lot so there were no awkward silences. 

The best days of your life...

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