Perhaps Spring Visits

Every Monday I'm supposed to start posting outfit posts since it's my only "day off" of school... well sort of. And this wasn't edited until tonight. Excuse my poor skills of focusing because I don't ever look at the photos I've taken, I usually just take them and then leave to discontinue my further embarrassment of posing when cars are often driving past the bridge.

I received in this dress in the mail and was really excited to put it on. I had never bought anything online because as I've said, I'm very sketchy about sizing. I wasn't surprise to find that the size of the dress that I ordered was a size too big. But no matter, I'm quite bold enough to wear it in the size it came. I'm also too lazy to send it back because I'm not as patient when it comes to waiting, even waiting for the dress alone seemed as long as forever. I'll end up tailoring it myself so I'm not fretting so much. I love the lace and the cotton fabric used too. It's comfortable and isn't as itchy as I thought it looked when I opened my package. It's rather pleasant and I really enjoyed wearing it too.