The Wind Will Not Change Me

It has occurred to me that since my awesome trip to New Zealand, reading my favourite blogs daily or "screen-shopping" online has become a big hazard for me. I've never actually bought an item of clothing online before because I become quite pedantic about sizing and fabrics used seeing as though I can't personally touch the item or try it on myself, making me venerable to purchasing something I'll completely regret shortly afterwards. So I took a hit and purchased a Dolly Denim Dress from Chic Wish online and I'm just really glad to let you know that I am NOT regretting this decision as of yet since I'm still newly in-love with it.

My feelings only ever arose when I was reading The Clothes Horse blog and her outfit post was with a gorgeous Beloved Peter Pan Horns Chiffon dress, also from Chic Wish. I was originally interested with the same dress but when I stumbled upon the one I purchased not too long ago, I thought it was too pretty to resist. And maybe then it wouldn't seem like I was trying to mimic Rebecca's look.
I'm glad that the Denim dress is all I have bought but after stumbling upon other items across the cheap land of Ebay worldwide, there are some more that I feel should be added to the list. It feels like abstinence, but only to clothes because it's just so difficult! I might consider buying something else NEXT time. So what do you think of this one?

NEW Sweet Vintage Dots long Sleeve Chiffon Dress

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