Kings Who Didn't Matter

Today turned out to be a good day, therefore compensating for the lack of fun that I unluckily avoided during the weekend. I was also in a good mood and I was happy with the Boy today. He took me to see the King Tutankhamun Exhibition held at the Melbourne Museum. The Exhibition was sponsored and I do believe, is also run by National Geographic. It was an interesting exhibition and it only proved my point correct that the ancient Egyptians were crafty, talented, loyal and honourable. The displays were amazing with mostly golden-painted artefacts and vessels that were stored in chambers and tombs. The atmosphere was slightly eerie but being a fan of Nat-Geo, I was very much intrigued. I hadn't known much about how the ancient Egyptians ruled until today and with the boy constantly reminding me of the small details which he found fascinating, might I say, he is a "King Tut" fanatic as well. Shame, some artefacts are just too good to be moved from their place of origin because I was really looking forward to the king's actual coffin or "coffins" I should say as there were 5 layers of chest which contained 4 of his coffins, confined one inside the other. 

For being a King who wasn't very important, congratulations on making history.

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