Memory Lane

I don't recall how it all started but my friends and I went through a splurge of very old pictures from those days when Piczo was the 'Big Thing'. I won't be posting the pictures here because I'd rather not embarrass myself more since I'm already allowing those pictures to stay on Facebook. So you can definitely snoop for them there. The way in which each individual wrote was almost heartbreaking for me. It's not something I'm proud of at all. We included numbers in our words! We seemed so illiterate and I'm often finding myself rolling my eyes at the poor english skills we had back then. 

Though not all is negative, it showed me how much fun it was to be at that age. How amazing it was to be positive all the time and how important it was to remind people to "stay rad" or "keep rocking". It was good to see that although we lacked some punctuation, we never lacked in our love for each other as friends, and also others. We were very encouraging and that's what is eating me most since I find that now, we have become more than comfortable. 

This shows me that we have grown up far more than what we could have ever expected in the year 2005. I think those days were our best because as much as we acted like tweenies, we also acted like the world was our to conquer. We don't seem to think like that so much anymore. People change, whether or not it be bad. This is why we should never delete things like Piczo or Myspace and soonafter, Facebook. I miss those days, I really hope we can create new and better ones and be beautiful people/friends together.

PS... I sure loved making slides...

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