You Remind Me Of A Time

I don't actually think I could ever let go of growing up with dreams and ambitions. To expect a fairytale and fall in love. It seems as though so many of us ladies [or men if you wish to include them too], strive for the need and want to be loved by someone now so that if will feel just as it would in a classic Disney film. Not to say it would't, because it will. But I suppose that it's a feeling or a longing which is inevitable to experience. The wonders and the beauty of sharing certain emotions or feelings like butterflies get us carried away with the reality and what really happens. But if I think of it this way, many of us are infatuated with the idea that a 'fairytale' is a happy ending. Well, yes it is, but we often forget what trials are conquered in between to be able to stand in the certain place that you would like to be. I'm not saying that we have evil step mothers, pushy fathers, or enemies. But what I'm trying to say is that if we want a happily ever after, we'll surely follow through the path of temptation, destruction, disappointments, mishaps and even grievances, but of course that's only a generalisation. 

I really just wanted to post about my favourite Disney films of romance and love. And it's a good way to start my day by reminiscing certain memories that remind me of these characters. Unfortunately, I am unable to link or tell you where I took these pictures from because I've had them saved in my computer for a while.

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