Meet My Little Man

You're probably wondering what exactly I could be doing in that picture but I actually think that blurriness of whatever is on top of my head depicts all the reasons why I may not have formally introduced him to you. He is a bundle of great joy and clumsiness if you ask me. He makes taking pictures with him quite a task with his eagerness to roam and pounce when you're not looking. I gave up with the right camera settings just to show you how much of a nuisance he can be when held for longer than 3 seconds. Most of them were really blurred photos from his head trying to bite my hand so I could put him down. As most ferrets are kept in a cage indoors, mine seems to be living the life in the side yard with an open space and a bunny hutch to climb into which is always open. That being said, it did take quite some time to ferret-proof that place as ferrets are just way too clever and find the most ridiculous spaces to get caught in. He's a runner, a climber and a jumper for sure. Our previous ferret was a sleeper, a hugger and a kisser and their personalities will never be quite like each other. Though he lives outside, he gets indoor privileges as well for a couple of hours a day to play, eat and hide our shoes... trust me, he's a huge fan of shoes! Sampson is the biggest clown I've ever laid eyes on and my parents and I spoil and love him to bits. I'm so glad he's healthy and will sure be around for quite some time at the Rivera residence. 

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