Counting Blessings

I'm quite certain that I've done a similar post before when I was using Tumblr as my blogging platform and so I'm doing it again just because of how happy and extra excited I feel as of this moment. I've envisioned this year to be a successful one for myself and the start of this year couldn't of been better than it has been. There's so much I am thankful for and I cannot begin to explain how this makes my insides feel. One of the things I am extremely thankful for is the loving and encouragement that my parents have given me towards the course I am now undertaking which is a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Education (secondary). They have spoken over me through and through and have blessed me by joining me with this overwhelming joy I have, knowing that this is what God wants me to do. I was accepted into two courses with with I chose to enrol in this current one since it's much more exciting. I'm just too filled in delighting in all that God is still giving me.

I've also had a spur-of-the-moment idea to completely change my room around 2 weeks prior to uni starting and boy was that frustrating. Though it's not entirely finished right now since I still have to buy a few minor things like a mirror, extra sheets, book shelves, new curtains and install my block-out I also felt like purchasing, it's slowly transitioning into quite a simple room. If I were to compare my room now to what it was like 10 years ago... -anyway, that's for another post. I would love love love to thank my dad and Peter for helping me out here. I had mini fits of frustration since time has it's own side as I was desperate to get things done and perfect before uni. It's still not complete but I'm slowly coming at ease with myself and my rather rash decision of such changes. Not once did they complain and not once did they pinpoint how silly I was to even consider it. ALSO, can I just... yeah... Peter spoils me endlessly, This is where I ask myself how I even got the guy's attention. My sheets, my bedside tables... I never ask him for anything and if it is anything, it'd be food but he gives and gives and my heart explodes with how much love he shows. 

Secondly this post has taken me a few days to make since I've been typing during uni intervals and focusing mostly on quite a lot of organising with uni stuff and my room in general. I guess I was just very excited to share a post with you on how abundantly blessed I am feeling. My mamabird has also been so kind and loving and still continues to feed me with spiritual wisdom that she knows I need. Ahh... I'm so thankful for her and am still excited to see her through this year in all she does in her life and in mine. Apologies on the lack of pictures.

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