One Down

I did it! I survived my first week (3 days) of uni and admittedly, although this week was quite a breeze, something surely tells me that won't be the case at all. Living in such a technological age, I'm not used to not having hard copies of anything in my hands and existing physically in front of me. Now, I am surely but slowly familiarising myself with everything I need which is all online. I feel too young to be feeling old the way that I do but I am still yet to grasp the concept of how each unit can be found online with each not being represented like the other. I say it's difficult but nothing a few hours of aimless wandering on the uni site won't fix. Sure, many uni's are probably up to date with this but I haven't been in uni for 2 years I'd say, and I went to a private one and the differences are comparable to certain extremes. Other than being technologically disabled as of this week, I'm certain I'll get the hang of this. But just for now, I'm just a little bit slower than usual. But my Lectures are great, so are my tutorial teachers. I have used quite a bit of my breaks to locate toilets around the campus since I have just way too many liquids throughout my day and I efficiently used my time finding power points so I can charge my laptop and phone when I can whilst going through outlines and coursework. But now I'm looking forward to what I will have achieved by the end of this trimester.

Glassons Shirt
Glassons Trousers
Converse Sneakers
UniHood Bag (present from Peter)

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