Be Compulsive

I'm not going to lie... I've been so curious and rather anxious to try another bath bomb and bubble bar. So I did. I think constant trips to Lush to buy bath products might just be a thing for me this winter. I was soaked up smelling really sweet while the steam helped me savour my warm surroundings. I used the really cutely shaped Space Girl bath ballistic and paired that lovely fruity scented bomb with the soothing and quite relaxing creamy blackberry Mini Comforter bubble bar. Gosh, how am I still enjoying this so far? I'm glad I still have some of each bubble bar left so I can use it for the next week. But I really need to keep my baths to a maximum of once a week but this Lush temptation just isn't helping me. I haven't even tried a bath melt which goodness knows I want to try too. I think the key to finding the best bath products is to just smell them. I mean, that's if you're not allergic to any of their ingredients, otherwise... I condone the act of compulsive buying of products that smell and feel that good. 


Kierra Makayla said...

I love lush so much, so many awesome things to buy there, have you tried their lip scrubs! I do have a bloglovin account do you!?


Just Aise said...

I want to try those products now. I love your blog. Following you now. - justaise.blogspot.com

RoseyLittleMe said...

Love the picture! I've only been to Lush once.. I don't have one close to me.. :/