Light Reading Before Business

I've actually started one assessment which is marked as a minority compared to the rest but never the less, it's still one down and 10 to go for the trimester? I think? Even that, I'm uncertain of. I remember how determined and hard working my mamabird was when she was studying to be a nurse. I want to be just as persistent as she was as compared to what I was and let's be honest, a majority of you are when it comes to uni work. I won't lie. I started things days before due dates, forgot what work I needed to have brought with me and only wanted to at least pass my subjects. But it's 2014 and I've already declared a successful year. And if I'm not doing what I should be then Peter is less than shy to tell me so. He's probably my biggest motivator/motivation to help accomplish all I want this year. So sadly, I have to minimize my light reading including daily visits to blogs BUT I refuse to distance myself away from my own so I hope I eased you with that one.

Tempt shirt
Glassons scalloped shorts

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