65 Cents For Lung Cancer Please?


Yesterday my friend asked me if I had 65 cents in my wallet to contribute to buying a packet of cigarettes so that she could waste her breath on such a drug. I'm completely aware of how this might look bad to her, me not wanting to give her a tiny amount of change so she could buy something she really wanted. But consider this, I do care for my friends and if it has to do something about their health and it's deeply concerning then I'd rather not be involved.

By giving them money for what they want, this is an act of support and yes - I will support my friends through no matter what but if it's just to spend money on something so SERIOUSLY deadly, I won't do it. If advertisements and articles of such fatal consequences will not reach their minds to quit, then they should just remind themselves everyday of the idiot they've become by saying things such as "Hey, I've got 2 lung cancers left. You want one?" or "Can I slowly kill myself and buy that packet of harmful cancers please?" You would seriously think though that people could take their own life seriously. But some just don't get it and some like my dear friend know about the consequences but out of an unbreakable habit, they'll keep going until it's too late. By then, even I won't save them, no one can.

It's not only a packet of smokes that damage and influence our youth of today. It's the drinking behaviour that has risen to prove that drinking is okay because you'll feel somewhat cooler and better. I admire those who decide to be sober, but who's there to admire? I understand that it doesn't exactly say that "you should not drink" in the Bible, but if you do it just to become a bit more unperturbed and easy, it just goes to show how uncomfortable you really are with being yourself. First of all, wine was used as a form of medicine or used for special celebrations but if it’s “just for fun” then I guess you’d probably need to work on your personality so that you’re just as fun when you’re sober. For years I’ve been offered to try but even when I did, I didn’t even do it properly. I’m not strange; I just don’t support the idea of it. A close friend said to me once, “But you’re Blue. No one can ever change you” and that is a powerful quote in itself to be so grounded into your faith that people actually realize the better in you. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard a conversation starting off with”hey what did you buy for tonight?” “I’ve got a 20pack of liver cirrhosis in the fridge” “sweet”.

My intention is not to condemn those who choose to do it. I just felt like saying this because if you just think about it, it’s quite the funny thought. Just don't lose your individuality to things that make you seem better to others.



Amelia Amuso said...

I like this post, Blue. Good on you for standing up for your 'friend's health. Definitely should have bought her Nicotine Patches for her birthday! :P

InkarriFlores said...

Alcohol liver cirrhosis does take at least 100mls of 'ethanol' a day for a long time. You've got to make a real effort to get it.

And smoking. Is it people being naive to the information they know? Can they be accused of being negligent to their own body?
I think smoking goes beyond being cool

Thanks for contributing to the anti-smoking campaign. 65 cents (im not being sarcastic) in this context has probably done more then the mutli-billion dollar campaign.

Blue Iris Rivera said...

i don't want to write a whole essay.

InkarriFlores said...

Keep it up.