Missing First Period

Here's me ranting on a Friday morning instead of going to school.

I'm sitting here in my study room, on the computer, reading through emails and facebook messages from various correspondents who like to gossip very much so. I admit, there are times where I respond in negativity and decide to join in. But now it's become the same old story every day and I've become so sick of the dramas going on. No kidding, drama either likes to stalk me or it just loves to knock on my door and give me a huge surprise, although I already knew it would be coming. I could tell people to shove it all up their kulos but I'm not that rude, Am I?

I currently hold so much gossip myself because people choose to tell me things, but I would never disclose that sort of information to others just because it's not my story to tell. But there have been times where some people would tempt me to spill, and I try heaps not to. What's with girls and bitching about the same things over again? I mean, yes that was totally unfair but you talk about it all the time that I don't care anymore, infact the rest of us don't care anymore. I also thought that a group of people at school who I know would be better at keeping things to themsleves...but apparently not, even the boys have mouths as big as girls do.

At the moment I'm just trying to keep a low profile from being talked about. The only attempt I've done is doing things that won't make people assume things. Because if I do things that make people assume, then I'd probably become frantic even though I know it's not true. It would be my fault that people make assumptions so if I don't do it in the first place, there would not be any new brutes introduced.

Whop! Time to get ready for school.

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