Tremble Little Lion Man

My first pay went to buying myself a CD and a pair of braces [or suspenders...or however you would like to name them]. I was planning to buy and try a few more CD's which were way beyond what I listen to, and I probably wouldn't understand any of it [you better know what I'm talking about]. There was so much more that I felt an impulse to buy, but thankfully my conscience and self-control formed an awesome duo and saved me hundreds on that day. Ever since I got payed, my bank has just been abundantly flowing with mula and I'm so thankful. But I've been feeling a tad generous lately and I don't know who I should shout or buy something for. Is that bad?

Well anyways, Mumford & Sons has a brought a different spice to mymusic liking. Most of the songs, for some reason, remind me of The Lord of The Rings because of the music they play at hobitown and also because of the similarities in their accents. The album sounds like folk, bluegrass, country with a bit of alternative in the two singer's voices. It's incredible, and they're all talented as they change their instruments of choice to play with from song-to-song. I don't recall much the sound of an electric guitar in their songs except when they use a violin bow to play it, nor is there a drum because most of the beat is just footwork and they all sing and harmonize to the melody and the mixture of the bouble bass and madolins is just so lovely.
Too many songs to pick from but here's a youtube link to their new hit, Little Lion Man.


Anonymous said...

how are you?

Great share, thanks for your time

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

Joy said...

I love them! They also have this deep European, almost Irish vibe. My fave song is the cave.