Making An Effort

To contribute to this post after many weeks of absences, I'm probably just going to fill in with some things that have happened during these few weeks. I can't exactly explain it although I have an image of an terrifying ride. Like I've gotten onto a ride and once the buckle is placed, it's way too late to reconsider it. This ride I'm on looks a little bit like it and right now, I feel the need to get off but I can't so I have to wait until it's all over, until I can take this buckle off, until my heart begins to beat at a steady pace once again. It'll take a while, but after that I'm sure I'm ready to move on, hopefully to a much smaller and less extreme ride of my life.

One thing I must inform you is that I've become permanently employed! After ranting on about wanting a job, I finally got one. There's so much I would like to save up for! Like mine and
Molly's trip to Canada and the US next year. The pay is amazing and in fact, I'm still overwhelmed by how I have come to the possession of this job. I applied for the position at the start of the year only to receive a negative email in my inbox explaining how I was rejected. But they recently called for an interview. During the interview it turned out that I was already employed and the interview was just an availability day...crazy. Wooh! My first job in retail. If your wondering, we sell fabrics and all crafty things to lighten any one's day up.

Of course you know that we had a video shoot for
Jeric's birthday party but I was just letting you know that a preview of it has been finally released and you can see it here. Though, I'd rather you not because I am a little embarrassed of my dance moves with a bag of salt and vinegar chips. I'm starting to feel really excited for his birthday which is this Saturday. I need to buy shoes and a jacket...oh and hopefully a toy hat from Build-A-Bear so I can turn it into a small facsinator. Oh and one thing that I forgot to mention is that I'll be performing for him with my my greatest pal Jay. The song I'll be singing is called Count On Me by Bruno Mars. It's a really cute best friend song to sing. I've been having this ridiculous diet so I can fit into my dress for the night...I bought it 2 sizes too small, only because I couldn't resist it's material and design.

My school mentor has changed. I couldn't have found anyone better than my English teacher, Ash. If I were to explain what he's like, I wouldn't know where to begin. He's a real asshole who tells me I have crap hearing, but he's a really good teacher and so far I've been receiving amazing grades for my English class. But he's still a real bitch of a teacher...in a cool way. Oh and good luck to me for my next creative SAC which is tomorrow.

Previously speaking of Jeric's party, I've been granted permission to hold my own 18th at my house. I've already chosen the attire which of course is semi-formal. The amount of people I wish to invite is too long so I have to figure out whom I am to invite. I would like to have some sort of colour theme in the house to make it look a little bit interesting but I'm not quite sure. So there's my
youth/youth band friends, my table clique group, the group of girls at school, my tiny music class and Zak and Andrew. Now you see the dilemma. Of course my parents will be there for supervision...or to "try" to be hip. Music and dancing is all outside and inside is the food...mmm. Well that's all I've got so far that's planned up. Soon I'll be needing a request for a play list.

Playing netball again! We are called the CHINCHILLAS!!! And for our first game we lost miserably. Not really, we were laughing so much that we lost. Best game but as a result, I was sore all over the next day. This Friday's a no-go because I have to practice a song with Jay for Jeric's. But they have my full support. All I know is that we have a lot of training to do, but for the team we want to have fun. The guys throw a little bit of football skills into the game like diving for the ball...wrong sport! But in the end, we all laughed.

Roly's 18th was last Friday (on the night of my first netball game) and it was really sweet. A dinner with a group of close friends at a local restaurant. It was really nice to hang out with them again. I do have some pictures to post up...but they're not all of them due to the fact that Molly and I had to leave too early. I wore something that was pretty and I had added a little bit of comfortableness to it but unfortunately I could take a picture of it...so maybe another day.


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