A House By The Lake


Recently becoming the quiet person that I am now, I have realized that I have longed to move out of this house for quite some time. Although now is probably not that best time but I'm still considering it. I was thinking of where I shall have my dream house and imagining what it could look like and it has been such an enjoyable task. Right now I think that peaceful, desolate places are probably the best for me considering I am just a home-body who enjoys little company but of course many are welcome. I know that if I were to buy a property, I'd never survive to maintain the household and so there is the option of finding someone who is as beautiful as your lake house surroundings to share your land with. But let’s scrap that out of my picture. My parents have considered living in Canada and their houses are beautifully structured but I’m sure there will be a time where I’ll need to move out. The thought of having a house in Australia is well of convenience to me so that visiting friends won’t be such a difficult process.

As much as I long for that perfect house now, I have thought carefully about the pros and cons to it. I mean the negative possibilities that withdraw my attention from the idea. Might I just add a little bit of information about myself that is slightly embarrassing? I believe everything I see in thriller films. So things like; too many trees within a short radius of my house, huge glass windows, double story houses, bushy lakes and muddy water have feared me of living alone. I’d like to keep clear from dark murky places in case a probable murder transpires of it. What? Just saying...

I’m not too fond of timber houses because if it were a lifelong house to keep, I’m sure even the toughest wood couldn’t fight the inevitable assail of hungry mites. Therefore, I would like to have it made of brick. I am a little silly for being so cliché, but of course I’m not asking for a white house with a picket fence. I want one of my own with everything I could love neighbouring me. Also, I doubt I’d like to live in an old pre-build house. Demolishing is expensive, but if that’s what I have to do to posses such a beauty of a house then I guess it’s my only option to take. A chimney would be perfect for the summer decor and the winter’s heroin, being the solitary thing that would make the house feel like my own.

I should remind you that I do want a studio house with open space instead of a house of many halls. Things would feel much safer that way too. Having my favourite colour scheme of warm, earthy browns, yellows, peaches, orange, greens and pastels would bring me such happiness. The vintage touch of reused furnishings is quite appealing to me and hopefully I’ll have some random little quirky trinkets lying around on shelves and what-not as a display. Now imagine a random tree in the middle of my huge living room with special little losties that have made their way onto, willing to hang from it. I know, it sounds silly, but I indeed find it such a delightful thought.

I’ve given much thought about this and of course being the only one who wants to live in such a house for myself, I have to limit my pets to one member. Preferably a dog because they are the most grateful and loyal companions that anyone could have. Plus why ask for more when there is a whole adventure waiting outside my door filled with amazing wildlife (again a figment of my imagination, but who cares?). Take a row in the lake? Maybe. But I doubt I’d swim in it for I’m afraid of what could be lurking in its murky depths. There are some VERY blessed people whom live in on the other side of the world with a remarkable scenery just out front and I'm completely envious!



Brenda Nepomuceno said...

I've longed for a house by the lake ever since I first watched "The Lake House". :)

Blue Iris Rivera said...

eh, that house was ugly though