You Think It's Only God Who Sees The Soul

Dorian Gray: [as he observes his portrait] How sad...
Lord Harry Wotton: What? What do you mean?
Dorian Gray: How sad it is... That I shall grow old, but this picture
will remain always young. My hair will turn gray, my skin will
wrinkle, and my teeth will rot. While my picture remains exactly as
it is now. If only it were the other way...
Lord Harry Wotton: Dorian...
Dorian Gray: If it were I who would remain always young and the
picture would grow old. For that, I would give everything...
Lord Harry Wotton: Dorian...
Dorian Gray: Yes, everything! For that... I would even give my soul.
Basil Hallward: [smirks and raises his glass] To long life.


I've recently become quite fond of Benjamin Barne's physical attractiveness. Finally getting my hands on an illegal copy of this movie has been very rewarding for his good looks seem to lack of nothing. Although the explicit nature of his character in Dorian Gray becomes an unfortunate turn-off, the movie wasn't all that bad. Well besides the inappropraite scenes of his most pleasured moments with both genders.
I wouldn't enjoy ruining the whole movie for you but I'm so tempted to post it here.
Dorian Gray's character portrays a naive pre-adult who seems to lust for eternal youth, reversing roles with his portrait. The satisfaction of living forever young has brought him through trials of love, guilt and power. Confiding in Lord Harry's advice has lead him to be the man whom Harry wanted to be but did not persue. Of course, irreversible consquences had taken place as the result of Dorian's conceited behaviour. This movie ended tragically, and though some must not think it all great. But I loved it.


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