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I think that if I were to pick a day of the week to replay like groundhog, I would seriously consider making that day of the week a Tuesday. My favourite day of the week (of course besides Friday nights and Sunday mornings). The name or word 'Tuesday' is much to plain to describe this day so my class and I have decided to call it 'Music Day' only because of the fact that it's probably THE best subject at our school who no one seems to pay attention to. I actually really don't believe that there are many in the school to appreciate music as much as us. I hate to think that our school has been over populated by the over-egoed jocks who pretty much have no brains but are lucky enough to pass because of their athletic skills. I'm not kidding.

Music is not the only reason why this has become my favourite day of the week. It's because from 9am-11am and during every lunchtime, I have the previllage to be surrounded by these incredible people (everyone in the music class) who bring me nothing but happiness and inspiration. Though most of them are a year younger than I but I do believe that they are just as mature as I am. There are only 3 year 12's who are currently studying VCE Music (I know it brings be great sadness to reveal the unappreciation throughout the year level) whom include Rochelle (Rochet), Carilto (CJ) and I. Of course we haven't formed a group together, but our Muso band members are exactly the same.

On behalf of Carlito and Rochet, I must say that we love these boys so much for their courage, loyalty and support towards us year 12's and our upcoming exams which we get marked on for our ATARS!!! But yes, we owe the rest of our lives to Alex (Lexi), Nathan (Nathanial) and Kostas (unfortunately he has no nickname) (and everyone else) because of the hard work that they have put into making our repertoires possible. This probably sounds all cliche...but it's just so true that we couldn't of gotten any further than where we are now with music because these boys have given up their time, energy, enthusiasm, sweat and pretty much their all for us. I couldn't thank them enough. Although I have to think up of a thoughtful present which should hopefully make up for what they've done for us. Any ideas? I'll probabally just keep thinking I guess.

Some of these pictures weren't taken by me, and most are of them practicing for the lunchtime concert we held today for the school. They make me happy. Oh and I almost forgot that David (instrumental teacher) has been such a great help to us all too. Thanks guys.

(Though this guy is not doing work at all here ^^)PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

..To end on a rude note...

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