Unpredictable Weather


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I thought it was a kind thought to post something today. Usually, I'd be in the music room, practicing songs for my exam, but I don't have school this week although later on in the day I'll be meeting up with my dear friend and we'll be catching up and practicing some of our songs for VET. So at the moment I'm sitting in the study room and I felt like blogging but I didn't exactly know what about. The only 2 words that could ever describe the ridiculous weather outside is 'Melbourne Weather'. You can never predict the fate it may bring. Just in this last sentence I've seen the light outside appear and disappear so rapidly and it just won't make up it's bloody mind.

The weather only might ruin my plans for the day slightly, but it's with effort to attempt some perceverance. I have to walk to the square whilst the sun and clouds could be very deceiving and I might just end up in a complete mess. I need to book an appointment for my hair before the 16th of October which will be my birthday celebration. Unfortunately I haven't yet made up my mind on what to do. I get bored with my hair ever so quickly after a while... suggestions? Woah and here's the sun again, shining so bright.

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