I Need To Borrow Something...

I've got this dilemma where I am in need of an over locker. I don't own one, and if our family were to purchase one, it would be with MY money because I'd be the only one who uses it and frankly, I don't have that money now. Does anyone know who I can borrow an over locker from? It looks like a sewing machine, only it needs to use more than one spool of thread and it's used for finishing off dress making. Anyone? Please?

In case your wondering, I need it so I can finish off my making my formal dress. I was originally thinking to purchase this one-shouldered organza frilled dress from ASOS but then ended up eyeing a friend on facebook who had such a similar dress to this. Though I believe she wouldn't repeat her outfit to the school formal, I refuse to buy it now. But how pretty is it in cream?
Then...Epiphany! I caught a glimpse of ASOS's new Premium Navy Feathered Cape and I HAVE to purchase it! And this time I'm not buying soemthing out of impulse. Then I was given such a brilliant idea of making myself a perfect-fit bandeau but with my unfortunate luck of not being able to find a pattern I can't do it. Then I thought of buying one... but then there's that whole phase of 'looking for that perfect dress' and to be frank, I cannot be bothered.
My last and final inspiration is one I am definantly confident with is making my own dress out of scratch; making my own pattern. I've envisioned a beautifully fit one-shouldered dress with long sleeved, with navy or black crushed panne as the material used. And to add to that, a laced spacing on the left side of my torso.

But anyways, I can't do this without an overlocker. Well I can, with a sewing machine but I was hoping to use this dress again without the seams ripping apart.

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