This post was actually meant for Tuesday night but I was too busy baking cupcakes for the birthday of a friend of mine.

The only thing I wanted to say is that I think I've become too observant of things that could symbolise anything. Literature has forced me to be aware. The saying "there's a reason for everything" has got me thinking, especially from recent situations that have been bombarding my brain for about a month now. At this current time in my life, I believe that the most important symbolism that stands out to me (though this could only just be the biggest coincidence) is this Spring. The greatest contrast from Autumn/Winter where things deteriorate and start to eradicate but as Spring arrives at my doorstep I realize this huge transition that it brings. The start to a fresh beginning, and life renewed.

Spring might probably just mean Summer is soon because it's seriously just around the corner, but this year, it's become the most significant part of my life. Besides my annual phase of cleaning my room out, this has given me the opportunity to take new steps, better and bolder...and much wiser steps. But slowly. And I'm not alone on this one, I'm quite glad that this time God is here for it. After waiting in the somber notes of winter's cold, I've gathered my thoughts and shaped up my attitude only to become better and stronger as a person and as a leader.

One thing which baffled me from Tuesday noon-evening was that when I was in need to shed some tears, the sky began to rain upon on the car I was sitting in. When I began to break, the wind became violent and the rain started attacking the windows. But as I calmed down, the rain slowly ceased and the wind halted. Then I knew that my troubles were over.

Happy Spring Australia.

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