1908 Beauty's

Something that I've missed ever so much through these years is going through the phase of hi-cut converse shoes that here in Australia we renamed, 'chucks' after the creator. Although I don't exactly know if that's an aussie thing, but it's defiantly aussie enough to of been the slang word for these shoes. I remember that the last time I owned an actual pair was in year 9 and it's been over 3 years since I've bought myself new ones.

Trends come and go just like that every season and after a while sneakers became the back of fashion and somewhat found themselves dusting away on shoe racks or dumped far into the closet. Air forces were a smaller phase of these. Then canvas shoes starting making their way to the fashion world because they were really cheap and almost disposable, it was like buying a new magazine every month sort of thing. Then summer had arrived and thick strapped-gladiators bloomed into the fashion industry for women ever so quickly. And then after that, the 'one pair of sneakers' girl left her contentment with 'chucks' and fell madly in love with heels. They are of course still making the statements in the industry right now and there's always so many new styles coming out every season. Black heels, pointy heels, strappy heels, open heels, closed heels and extremely high pumps. Summer is once just around the corner and I bet [not monetarily] that women will be shooting out their money to purchase wedges as they're summer babies. I admit that I for one will be the same.

But right now, I want to go and buy myself another pair because surprisingly enough, they go with anything you wear. Though I can't exactly make up my mind to pick grey or navy blue with either lo-cut or hi-cut?
(These pictures take up a lot of space actually)

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