Let's Get Short

So I bought a SHOP magazine on the way home yesterday and I've only had time to flip through it tonight. This magazine was totally worth the mula and for the seasons to come, they've given me inspiration and things I've been craving for. Shorts! I do want to have a collection this season for myself. I've just completely cleaned out my closet and I think it's time to fill it with new or used material which I'm sure would fill my closet with brand new life. The different textures would definitely add much more flavour to the monotonous clothe-storage I had before.

Ok, so I didn't know that the quality was going to be this bad... couldn't be bothered going through photobucket.
What I would like to see in my closet is a pair of black leather shorts, pastel coloured highwaisted shorts, floral shorts, naturals, silky shorts and a pair of new denim ones. (Oh God the quality is bugging me so much. Yuck.)

(Badly) Scanned images from SHOP magazine

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