It Will Become Even More Ridiculous

Notice how it's been nearly a month since I last posted? I feel so ashamed for not so frequently as I planned. There's so many things I plan up in my head to post about; thoughts, items of clothing, new projects, school and new outfits. It's actually been hectic, but not extremely. It's because of this academical challenge which involves children attending this thing we all know as SCHOOL. I'm on holidays at the moment and you would think I would have all the time in the world to type things up, but I don't even consider this a holiday. Would you suggest that 2 weeks of Prac exams and SAC's and all this study would be my holiday? Well then that's insulting. While these last few weeks of school for my life, I start consuming information that I hadn't paid attention to during the periods that I should have. My concentration has slowly deteriorated with time and I feel almost as if I'm completely over school. Which year 12 isn't? 13 years of school was probably my most restless years of all.

Although I do admit, I will greatly miss the cliche high school dramas and inside jokes which will always stain my memory. It's probably not even school I will miss, but the friends that I had made along the way. Though they don't know it, some things in my life who make me who I am is from their behalf. I truly appreciate it and I wish that we could all stay jolly friends till the end but we all know it doesn't always end up like that. Some friends we'll cherish and some we'll have to let go of, but it doesn't mean that I'll forget them. Of course in the future there will be organisations from members of a clique that will follow through, but as the years pass the contacts slowly grow further apart. It's sad but learn to deal.

Anyways, I was meant to type up something before I went off to school for the day...ON MY HOLIDAY. I just felt that a small contribution would do me well.

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