I See London, I See France...

OK, so I sort of ripped that title off from my magazine's little segment of intimates. Inspiration hit my mind once again. I fell truly in love with this season's collection of Australia's Peter Alexander's Spring catalogue. The vibrant use of floral print and pastel shades bring tingles down my spine. Who said you couldn't look good in bed? (Please don't take that the wrong way). I know some of the picture are surely exaggerated as no girl such as myself would wear heels to sleep, carry around a toiletries tote, tying up pretty ribbon in my hair, and surely I wouldn't find myself walking my dog with a pink leash in sleepwear before bed. Their choice in material is perfect. The night time, cathedral, party satin has the most luxurious feel on delicate skin as mine. But I still cannot get my head around the pretty design of shorts and tanks for sleepwear. No joke, I have no Pj's in my wardrobe now to wear to bed so I sleep in trackies and a shirt but that doesn't sound to good considering the transition from cool to hot weather which is fast approaching. I do like to feel girly; clean, moisturised and ready to sleep when it comes to bed time sooo I think I know what I'll be purchasing for myself this Spring.

All images by Peter Alexander Online


InkarriFlores said...

"Who said you couldn't look good in bed" What's the right way to take it? Innuendos are fun.

Blue Iris Rivera said...

Thanks. you really do have such a negative charm about you

Robyn said...

The ruffled boxer/bloomers are absolutely adorable.

aurora. said...

i love this!
it made me laugh and i actually would wear it all (to bed of course!)
cool post