...Late Post

A week ago I went to my friend's birthday celebration for turning 18 and definantly becoming legal. In the picture above is the birthday girl. Her name's Amelia, but has the nickname Millie, which I prefer not to use and instead I call her Molly. You can check out her blog here. I really do hope she had a blast of a party with all her close friends who came to join us. New people to meet, parents also. It was great.


Of course it was BYO so most brought a few packs of well... all I know is that it was alcohol. I don't really drink so I don't know exactly the names and stuff but that's ok. Never the less it was still a good party. Finger food was great, drinks stunk up my nose, cake looked good, birthday girl was stunning and the dance floor was empty. Of course until we tried to grab as much people to join us "dancing". I had the camera and took as many pictures as I could, then my best friend took it off me and used it and failing completely with blurred pictures. But he's great.
Some not so great events occured and dealing with it was something I haven't done before so it was a first for me, but I do wish I knew what to do much sooner. Anyways the rest of the pictures from Molly's party can be found here.


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